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7 Deck Repair and Safety Issues

By H&H Construction Team / July 8, 2019

H&H Construction & Restoration comes from an advanced background in constructing and remodeling wooden decks in Greenville. We take pride in the work we produce. For this reason, we hate seeing our customers lose what we helped them to build. Your deck should be the perfect space for hosting summer barbecues or soaking up the…

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How to Pick the Right Material for Fence Construction

By H&H Construction Team / June 25, 2019

There are dozens of reasons to try your hand at fence construction and/or repair. Fences help to properly define your property, while simultaneously adding safety and privacy. A well-constructed fence will also add long-lasting value to your home and create a beautiful aesthetic for your garden. So take a moment to pick the right materials…

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family in the kitchen making pancakes

Turn Your House Into A Home

By H&H Construction Team / June 11, 2019

What makes a home, a home? The answer lies not within its walls, but its inhabitants.  When you invite someone over, they get to see a snapshot of you. Your structure and decor set the tone of their experience. A home is a special space reserved for your personal life. Every person you work with,…

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4 Tips to Consider Before You Remodel Your Old Kitchen

By H&H Construction Team / June 4, 2019

Cutting costs is key. Remodeling old kitchens is a big deal – not something to rush into. After all, the kitchen is the heart of your home, and getting the remodel wrong can off-set any other home renovations you have planned. So take a moment to sit and read through our list of things you…

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The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Guide

By H&H Construction Team / May 20, 2019

Remember – functionality + personality = a great kitchen! Kitchen renovations remain one of the most popular remodeling projects across the globe. This is largely due to the fact that kitchens are (usually) high traffic rooms – although this wasn’t always the case. As times have changed, people have shifted from seeing the kitchen as…

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