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What You Need to Know About Mold and Mold Remediation

By H&H Construction Team / August 3, 2022

Mold (a type of fungus) grows best in warm, damp, dark places. As a result, if you have any of these conditions in your home or office — which many people do — mold will probably grow in them. Mold is a scary word and something you really don’t want in your home. After a…

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How to Add Value to Your Home

By H&H Construction Team / July 8, 2022

Adding value to your home is a good investment. By adding some extra features and upgrades, you could add thousands of dollars to the final price of your property. Here are 7 great ways to add value to your home. Build a Deck or Patio A deck or patio adds value to your home, but…

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The Future of the Home Remodeling Industry

By H&H Construction Team / June 8, 2022

What can we expect in the future of home remodeling? What’s on the horizon and what is going to happen? Will more people buy new homes instead of remodeling? What will happen to the home remodeling industry exactly? There are many questions like these. Only time can tell. If you’d like to know my opinion,…

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Home Renovation Pitfalls – How to Avoid Them

By H&H Construction Team / May 30, 2022

It’s simple to talk about adding on or removing a wall, but the process involves numerous moving components – contractors, materials, project managers, labor charges, and so on. It’s sometimes challenging to get it correct. Mistakes won’t help. Even for seemingly little mistakes, delays are more time, money, and worry. H&H Construction has completed hundreds…

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Buying A New Home VS Remodeling: Which Is The Better Option?

By H&H Construction Team / April 5, 2022

What do you do when your house’s design and style have passed its sell-by date? You’re probably going to have two competing alternatives: a new home or a renovation. However, no one option is superior to the other; rather, it all comes down to personal preference. The debate on whether to build a new house…

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