Buying A New Home VS Remodeling: Which Is The Better Option?

By H&H Construction Team / April 5, 2022

What do you do when your house’s design and style have passed its sell-by date? You’re probably going to have two competing alternatives: a new home or a renovation. However, no one option is superior to the other; rather, it all comes down to personal preference. The debate on whether to build a new house…

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How to Learn Home Repair Skills

By H&H Construction Team / November 15, 2022

Your home is a place where we come back to relax after a long day or where we can take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. We want our home to be a place that we and our family are comfortable in — it should feel like a haven! Home repair…

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Should I Hire a Handyman or a Contractor?

By H&H Construction Team / October 15, 2022

Deciding whether to hire a handyman or a contractor can be a tough decision. Should you hire someone who will do small repairs and maintenance around your home, or should you hire a full-service design/build contractor? Handymen and contractors can do wonders for your home. But, which one will work the best for you? Handymen…

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Why Greenville, Texas is a Great Place to Live

By H&H Construction Team / September 30, 2022

At some point in our lives, most of us consider moving to a new place. Whether we want to live in a different part of the country or we want to become homeowners, moving into a new place is a big decision. A misstep here could mean months of extra rent and wasted time, so…

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What You Need to Know About Mold and Mold Remediation

By H&H Construction Team / August 3, 2022

Mold (a type of fungus) grows best in warm, damp, dark places. As a result, if you have any of these conditions in your home or office — which many people do — mold will probably grow in them. Mold is a scary word and something you really don’t want in your home. After a…

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How to Add Value to Your Home

By H&H Construction Team / July 8, 2022

Adding value to your home is a good investment. By adding some extra features and upgrades, you could add thousands of dollars to the final price of your property. Here are 7 great ways to add value to your home. Build a Deck or Patio A deck or patio adds value to your home, but…

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