North Texas Home Repair-Wounded Warrior Family Support

At H&H Construction and Restoration, we are dedicated to more than just North Texas home repair and remodeling; we are also dedicated to helping others in our community. In support of our nation’s heroes and their families, H&H Construction and Restoration set aside time to put in some work for the Wounded Warriors Family Support project.

Wounded Warrior Family Support Home Repairs ProjectWounded Warrior Family Support Home Repairs

When the men and women of our country go out to fight for our freedom to protect each one of us, they are putting their personal needs aside and risking their lives. Unfortunately, not every one of them comes home in the same healthy condition as they did when they left. Some of our troops return with broken or missing limbs, damaged nerves, burns or wounds that are so sever they can no longer walk, move or care for themselves. Many of these wounded warriors come home to their families and not only can they no longer care for themselves completely on their own, but they cannot work nor perform the regular tasks around their homes like they used to. This is why the North Texas home remodeling crew of H&H Construction and Restoration is more than happy to volunteer their time to help out a local family in need.


North Texas Home Remodeling For A Local Wounded Warrior Family

During his time away at war fighting for our rights and freedom and helping to protect others around the world, this veteran was severely injured; he suffered a major leg injury which makes it very difficult to get in and around his home. As part of the work our crew volunteered, we provided a few home repairs and updates to help him with his daily life at home.

Exterior Home Repair For Safe Easy Entry

The main entry way to get into his home has three steps up from the ground to the porch, which didn’t have any sort of railing or anything to grab onto for extra support. For him to get in and out of his home more easily, we installed a solid wood handrail on his front porch stairs. Now he has more confidence entering and exiting his home, and can be a bit more independent in the process.

Interior Home Remodeling

Inside of his home there are also two steps down into the living space that did not have any extra support. We installed a wood railing here as well so he can now get around his house more easily without always needing assistance.

Wounded Warrior Family Support Bathroom Remodeling Shower

North Texas Bathroom Remodeling For a War Veteran

Inside the home’s main bathroom, he didn’t have a shower that could be accessed easily with his injured leg. A standard tub/shower combination was very difficult to get in and out of for bathing. Our crew installed a stand-up shower stall that can be easily walked into without having to step up and over. He can now shower and bathe without extra help and reduce risk of further injury and pain.


H&H Construction and Restoration takes pride in the communities and area we serve, and we aren’t solely focused on projects and making money; we feel it is important to help out when someone is in need. With our experienced team of home repairrenovationremodeling and restoration experts, we are able to apply our skills and abilities to better our community and glad to volunteer our time and skills to help out through the Wounded Warrior Family Support program.

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