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As a company with expertise in home remodeling, H&H Construction and Restoration is dedicated to bringing homeowner’s ideal looks for their home to life. Whether it’s updating an entire home, restoring a residence after unforeseen damages or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, we have the experience and skill to get the job done.

Greenville, TX Bathroom MakeoverRemodel Bath Tub Greenville

Recently, a Greenville, TX homeowner wanted their full bathroom remodeled. It was decades old with bright blue tiled walls throughout and outdated flooring; the tub had seen its better days and the sink didn’t function quite like it used to, and the homeowner was ready to update this aged bathroom. When the room in your home is used the most but doesn’t match your personal sense of style or taste, you notice it and are reminded of it multiple times a day. Like this Greenville bathroom, the time comes to just start fresh with a brand-new look with up-to-date fixtures, finishes and functionality.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost and Options

Prior to starting this bathroom makeover in Greenville, our residential construction team came out to their home to take a look at the space they wanted remodeled. Our team then went through all the options they had for remodeling their full bath; they also helped the homeowner pick out each piece that would go into the new space and went over all the options and costs. From sub-flooring and flooring tile options to the vanity sink and tub style down to the fixtures, trim and each piece of hardware, our remodeling crew covered every detail to ensure them the ideal bathroom they have been dreaming of at the price point they wanted to meet.

The Process of Home Remodeling in Greenville

As all the materials were ordered based on the homeowner’s specifications, the H&H Construction and Restoration home remodeling crew got the project started. The entire bathroom was gutted; removing each outdated piece and was then prepped for its transformation. To ensure functionality and many years of use, we re-did all of the plumbing under the house, and while we were down there we re-wired all of the old wiring as well. The crew continued the bathroom remodel with a new standing shower, new toilet, new vanity and lighting, and all new floor and wall tiling. Completed on schedule, the new bathroom was stunning and homeowners were more than pleased with the finished project.

Full bath remodeling


From bright blue, outdated and washed out to bold, beautiful colors throughout, this Greenville bathroom remodel not only matches the homeowner’s personal style, but adds value to their property and enhances their daily life at home.

bathroom remodeling


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