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As a well-established community that continues to grow, McKinney Texas has a great mixture of new and old. From the homes off Texas Highway 5, also known as McDonald Street, that embrace the historic value of the McKinney area to the developing neighborhoods on the west side of Highway 75, H&H Construction and Restoration is the company for home repair and home remodeling McKinney residents go to when they need work done on their homes and property.

Specifically, this local resident called upon our team for their McKinney kitchen remodeling project. The homeowner wanted to give their kitchen a new lease on life. With a complete overhaul, our crew would brighten the room while updating the features and giving the space more functionality for their family.

Plan and Prep: The Beginning Steps for Any McKinney Home Remodeling Project

During Kitchen Remodeling in McKinney, TX

In the customer’s kitchen, they had a reasonable amount of room to work with to make some changes and enhance the space. We first removed the appliances and took down the existing tile backsplash. Once those were removed we took out the old counter tops and took down the cabinet doors. Instead of replacing all of the cabinets, the homeowner saved a reasonable amount in home remodeling costs with a cabinet refacing.


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Kitchen Remodeling Cost Saving With Cabinet Refacing

Refacing cabinets require much less work and cost much less than brand new cabinets, while still giving a kitchen the look of all new cabinetry. As we did for this homeowner, we can still add addition features like molding to the tops of the cabinets and new hardware for the doors and drawers.

For this new kitchen, the homeowners wanted to renew more than just the cabinets. They also wanted a modern kitchen by updating the counters with marble counter tops. Prior to starting the project we helped them pick out the new counters; they chose medium dark brown tone marble with smooth rounded edges and corners. We then measured the counter space and ordered the exact brand and style they chose and made sure it was delivered on time for installation.

McKinney Kitchen Remodeling: New Kitchen IslandMcKinney Kitchen Remodeling-Kitchen Island

The homeowners added a new kitchen island for their remodel to provide them more storage and counter space. This extra space gave them more surface area for prepping meals, seating, storage, and it also helps separates the cleaning from the cooking. With the new deep sink at the island with the dishwasher below, dirty dishes and utensils will stay many feet away from fresh food prepping and cooking that is being done on the other counter surfaces near the refrigerator, cook top, and ovens.

To complete this kitchen makeover, our crew then installed the new marble counter tops including the island and new sink, which followed the cabinet top molding and the new white cabinet doors and drawers. Once those were complete, they installed the new dark brown detailed back-splash that blended very well with the marble counters, while it popped with a noticeable contrast against the solid, bright white cabinetry.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling-McKinney TX

Kitchen Remodeling-McKinney_AfterFor this kitchen to complete and back to full functioning order, we installed the new appliances. The client picked out all white appliances. From the double oven to the microwave, large refrigerator, and dishwasher, each appliance matched perfectly and went very well with the new white cabinets. Last but not least, we installed the new hardware for the doors and drawers, which were aged bronze that not only blended with the brown tones of the cabinets, but were also a perfect match to the new kitchen sink faucet.

Each of the pieces and design options that went into this kitchen remodeling project were choices the homeowner made to create their own custom kitchen. With the help of H&H Construction and Restoration we were able to bring their dream kitchen to life, and with some smart choices like choosing cabinet refacing versus all new cabinets, the homeowner saved thousands in home remodeling costs while still achieving the ideal kitchen they were imagining.

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