modern yellow detached house in the suburbs

4 Examples of Modern Design in Texas Homes

By H&H Construction Team / April 1, 2019

Modernism isn’t actually all that modern, it dates back to the end of the 19th century. Influenced by German Bauhaus and Scandinavian designs, the style focuses on minimalism, balance and straight lines. Texas adopted the style in the 1920s, creating its own approach: Texas Modernism. Sustainability and Adaptability Modern design often features wood and earthy…

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Complete Kitchen Remodeling in McKinney, TX

Home Remodeling-McKinney TX Kitchen Remodel

By H&H Construction Team / February 17, 2015

As a well-established community that continues to grow, McKinney Texas has a great mixture of new and old. From the homes off Texas Highway 5, also known as McDonald Street, that embrace the historic value of the McKinney area to the developing neighborhoods on the west side of Highway 75, H&H Construction and Restoration is…

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Home Remodeling-Bathroom Remodel Project

Fortenberry Home Improvement-Bathroom Remodeling Project

By H&H Construction Team / February 3, 2015

The North Texas home remodeling crew was at it again with a complete bathroom makeover. While some of our home remodeling customers need only a few things done to update their homes like flooring, windows, decks, or cabinets, others want a complete overhaul for specific rooms or even their entire house. No matter how labor…

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Caddo Mills Bathroom Remodel-Shower

Caddo Mills Home Remodeling-Bathroom

By H&H Construction Team / January 23, 2015

Just 10 miles southwest of Greenville rests the quaint town of Caddo Mills, TX. While it is a small town with nearly 1,500 residents, Caddo Mills has its own municipal airport and a history dating back to the late 1850’s with the Caddo Indians as it earliest inhabitants. Today, this charming North Texas community in…

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Wounded Warrior Family Support Home Repair Porch Handrail

North Texas Home Repair-Wounded Warrior Family Support

By H&H Construction Team / December 31, 2014

At H&H Construction and Restoration, we are dedicated to more than just North Texas home repair and remodeling; we are also dedicated to helping others in our community. In support of our nation’s heroes and their families, H&H Construction and Restoration set aside time to put in some work for the Wounded Warriors Family Support…

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