Mandee Rose

5 Bad Habits People in the Remodeling Industry Need to Quit

By Mandee Rose / August 25, 2020

At H&H Construction and Renovation, we have plenty of experience in the remodeling industry. Unfortunately, some of that experience includes helping our clients fix mistakes previous contractors made. Most of the time, these are mistakes easily avoided if those contractors knew of the 5 bad habits people in the remodeling industry need to quit. We’re…

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A Greenville News Round-Up

By Mandee Rose / July 31, 2019

Greenville is full of news as usual, and at H&H Construction-Restoration, we like to stay up to date with it all. So we’ve scoured the headlines to bring you these recent highlights, accompanied – as always – with a link to the full news story straight from the source. 1. Never Walked on the Moon,…

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